mardi 29 juin 2010

and it rains again

when it was dark I saw a light
I thought it was a dream like everytime I had seen a light ,
but this time it is different ,
this time the light broke through my body .

I felt happiness
I felt joy
I felt peace
I felt protection
Or , did I feel strange ?
It showed me a way-out of my dark place
I thought that I've finally found it
I never was sure like this time
this time when you see the sun coming out of the sad clouds
this time when you surely know that it is going to be a good day
I ran through the woods
I needed to find this light
I wanted to grab it with my bloody hands hoping that it will cure them
I ran through the dark
The light seemed to be very close , right in front of my eyes.
But I felt like it's very far away
I was afraid , afraid to let it go ,
afraid to get lost again in the cold dark .
I didn't care , I just kept running through the woods
despite falls , despite fear , despite cold , I kept running
it's the light. it was an angel for me .
I ran throught the woods
but I couldn't make it .
As I am going forward , the light was getting faded.
the light was gone, maybe gone forever as this dark remained.
I wasn't desperate , I saw many lights disappearing
but I was desperate , I really thought that I will see that sun shining .
I waited for my angel to come back , but it didn't
the clouds were gathered again , the wind blowed
and it rains again .
I felt cold...