mercredi 5 janvier 2011

A kiss...

A kiss ... a simple kiss...a gentel kiss is all I want..
The way your white shiny skin blinds my eyes
the way your delicious smell makes me shiver
the way your tender hand touches mine
make me go crazy and scared...
Just watching your beautiful lips makes mine impatient
I want to taste them , feel every portion of that beauty
let me prouve to you that I do have feeling
let me prouve to you that my heart stops beating everytime I leave you without kissing you
le me prouve to you that I do love you
please let me...
This pain I have inside have blackened my life
only your lips ...your magic lips can tear it down
The Man can't ask too much , eventhough , I do
I do want to fly with you up in the sky
I do want to go with you far away , to the other world
let me open the gates of that fairy world ...
A moment is all I need , a kiss is all I want...
Just a Kiss...