mercredi 23 mai 2012


There comes the day when she chose to close all the windows
She hided the sun that was lighting my path
Blocked the air that I was breathing and that kept me alive
Only one cigarette is left in my pocket,
I lit it up and watched the smooth smoke spreading slowly around me

I was thinking, wondering ... how could such a beautiful creature become so mean
So mean that she stopped a heart from beating
Was it because of a mistake I made ?
Or was it because I was careless or without feelings ?
Because I haven't showed my love enough to you ? 

In a black storm you left me
In a dark world you dropped me 
I'm here with no light, with no heat
With no life...

But hope is still there...
Because I believe that God sent me an Angel
I can still hear your heart beats knocking on cold chest 
I can still feel your soft hair falling on my face