jeudi 18 août 2011

on a fast train...

The train was going faster
but I didn't care, the view from the window was gorgeous
I felt like I'm getting closer
Although I didn't know where this train is taking us

She was next to me, holding me
I was looking at that view,
That she refused to see.
She was scared, that's all what I knew

I was tired, I was cold, I didn't know what to do
Maybe the train was going too fast, but I wasn't driving
Maybe our next station isn't where we were supposed to go
Or maybe I was just over-thinking

A tunnel was just ahead,
it was dark and narrow,
It got me scared.
I closed my eyes... only dreams were there to follow 

My only hope was that the tunnel's end would be near...
I'm sick of dark, I'm sick of the absence of light
I don't want to feel that old fear
That old pain that I've fought...