mercredi 10 août 2011

Big bang

It was getting darker
My blood was getting colder
The little light that guided me was getting further
The dreams that I had were all over

I was ready to let everything go,
willing to free my soul,
from the pain that I know
The pain that will never slow

But Maybe life isn't that black,
maybe life just want us to look back
and let us realize that there is more colors, other than black
that closing your eyes and waiting, will only leave you at the back

I believed in that,
In that blinding light,
I had the determination to to reach it though the black
I was afraid, but I trusted that sight

I touched it, I felt it
It gave me warmth and heat
It drained all the ashes of burns of my spirit
The dark left...

A new life, a new soul, new adventures for the suffering prince...
A new universe,
An unexpected universe,
A big bang...