jeudi 17 février 2011

cold and sweet drop of that rain

The Duke's heart stopped beating
It seems that his white spirit wants to leave away everything
It needed angel wings to carry him away from this world of never ending pain
it wanted to fly him to another world where he could relive the goodness of the rain

The rain that wiped  his few tears
The rain that helped him stand against all of his fears
The rain that cleaned the ashes of his burning heart
The rain that made him stand the long fight

He just didn't want to leave this dark world
He believed that it is his destiny to suffer from the agony of this life
He deeply wanted to move forward ,
but something is holding him back , something that he didn't recognize

The Duke began to realise that the true enemy that made his world darker ,
that the black shadows that kept him away from the road that leads to the end of the tunnel
that they are all in his spirit , he is possessed by these dark forces .
The Duke never thought that he will be the enemy of his self.

A smooth and warm wind came feeling his skin
He knew that it might be the end of everything
that it might be a new beginning , a new life
A life that might be something that he may love.

The Duke never saw a better life
He didn't want to betray his sword , the sword that protected him during the long fights
But his hands have changed ,
they just couldn't hold this sword any longer

The Prince took a deep breath of that warm breez
closed his eyes and rised his head up to the sky
He shivered , he felt weakness and coldness
He dropped the sword and suddenly it broke

The wind got stronger
The clouds darkened  the Duke's light
He felt the first cold and sweet drop of that rain
That rain that was with him all the time , telling him that it wouldn't let him suffer alone ....