mardi 6 juillet 2010

and they are all gone .. forever ..

I never wanted to let it go
it seems that the angel -or the devil- of love hit me with his bow
the arrow went through my heart and it gave me pain
at first I felt pleasure but it didn't remain

just like any sort of pleasure
you just feel it for a second , and then it goes further
unfortunatly that's how life goes
it's the way that our spirits have chose 

I wanted to take the arrow off my chest
just like a dying hero ,  I wanted to be the bravest 
but I couldn't
I held it with my both hands , I yelled harldy ,  but I couldn't

a hope-or a dream- is keeping it
a hope that this pain may go off and I may forget it
but I don't believe in hope anymore
I don't beleive in dreams and fake realities anymore

Neither arrows nor  angels -or devils- gave me the peace that I had been seeking
Actually , I don't know who can give me the warmth that I have been needing .
I don't want to know
I want  to let everything go

I closed my eyes , took a deep breath
I held the arrow , pulled it out and I suddenely saw death
but it didn't scare me , I threw it away , far away in the horizon
I took my sword and I moved on  ...